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BS ISO 7195:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 7195:2015 pdf free.Nuclear energy – Packagings for the transport of uranium hexafluoride (UF6)
Where couplings are to be installed in cylinders, an appropriately sized National Pipe Thread (NPT) plug shall be inserted into the coupling for the purposes of the coupling being welded into the cylinder. After welding is completed, the coupling should be allowed to cool before removal of the plug. The coupling threads shall be inspected following removal of the plug. Tapped threads shall be free of all burrs, gouges, scratches, and the like. An appropriate sized NPT tap shall be used for a light chase only. Prior to installing a valve or plug, the coupling shall be gauged to assure compliance with ANSI/ASME B.1.20.1.
Where the material of construction is steel per 5.7, Table 4, at least one test weld representing each welding procedure to be used in the fabrication of the cylinder shall be Charpy V-notch impact tested. Test plates,including those for the appendages, shall have butt-type weld joints. The weld metal specimens shall be taken across the weld with the notch in the weld metal. Each specimen shall be oriented so that the notch is normal to the surface of the material, and one face of the specimen shall be within 1,6 mm (1/16 in) of the surface of the material. Each weld procedure shall be qualified with impact testing. This testing shall be as specified by the Code utilized for the material being welded. Acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with the grade of steel to be used in fabrication of the cylinder. Procedures and qualifications shall be documented as required by the Code. The fabricator shall receive the purchaser’s formal acceptance of the test results prior to cylinder fabrication.
CAUTION – Pneumatic pressure tests shall be applied with extreme caution to prevent personal injury. Pressure shall be raised slowly to the test pressure. The valve packing nut, cap, and body threads shall not be tightened with the valve at high pressure. The pressure shall be bled off before any components are retightened, and the test pressure shall be restored slowly. The pressure source shall be valved off when the test pressure is attained.BS ISO 7195 pdf free.

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