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BS ISO 6707-1:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 6707-1:2014 pdf free.Buildings and civil engineering works一Vocabulary 一General terms
The terms are arranged within categories to allow ready comparison of related concepts.
Where a given preferred term designates more than one concept, each concept has been treated in a separate entry and a note to entry included to acknowledge the homonymy created and a reference included to the other term entry.
Where a preferred or admitted term is specific to a particular English-speaking country, e.g. the United States of America, etc., this has been given in boldface type following the international preferred term and annotated by the respective country code. Where no preferred terms are listed indicating usage in a specific geographical location, this signifies that the international preferred term is the accepted term in the English-speaking countries. A term following the preferred term not given in boldface type is an admitted (non-preferred) synonym. Country codes are also assigned to these terms.
In most countries, synonyms and alternative spellings exist for the preferred terms used in this part of ISO 6707, and a list of synonyms and alternative spellings is given in Annex A. To facilitate a ready comparison with US synonyms and alternative spellings, these are given in Annex B.
construction works (3.1.1) comprising a structure (3.1.4), such as a dam (3.2.22), bridge (3.3.19), road (3.3.1), railway (3.3.3), runway, utilities, pipeline (3.2.30), or sewerage system (5.4.40), or the result of operations such as dredging, earthwork (7.1.6), geotechnical processes, but excluding a building (3.1.3) and its associated site (3.1.6) works
Note 1 to entry: Associated siteworks are included in US civil engineering projects.
construction works (3.1.1) that has the provision of shelter for its occupants or contents as one of its main purposes, usually partially or totally enclosed and designed to stand permanently in one place
Note 1 to entry: In English, there is a homograph for the term “building”. See 7.1.4.
section of earthworks (3.2.1), often formed by cut (3.2.5) or fill (6.4.9), where the finished ground level (9.2.34) is above or below original ground level (9.2.33) and whose length (9.2.18) usually greatly exceeds its width (9.2.16).BS ISO 6707-1 pdf free download.

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