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BS ISO 6487:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 6487:2015 pdf free.Road vehicles一Measurement techniques in impact tests一Instrumentation
BS ISO 6487 gives requirements and recommendations for measurement techniques involving the instrumentation used in impact tests carried out on road vehicles. Its requirements are aimed at facilitating comparisons between results obtained by different testing laboratories, while its recommendations will assist such laboratories in meeting those requirements. It is applicable to instrumentation including that used in the impact testing of vehicle subassemblies. It does not include optical methods which are the subject of ISO 8721.
The relative time delay between the signals of two or more data channels, regardless of their frequency class, shall not exceed 1 ms excluding phase delay caused by phase shift. Two or more data channels whose signals are combined shall have the same frequency class and shall have a relative time delay not
greater than 1/(10 FH) s.
This requirement is applicable to analog signals, synchronization pulses, and digital signals.
Transducer transverse sensitivity ratio of a rectilinear transducer
The transducer transverse sensitivity ratio of a rectilinear transducer shall be less than 5 % in any direction.
As a general rule, a data channel should be calibrated once a year. Other intervals can be defined in accordance with standards, regulations, or requirement specific to the application to ensure that the measuring equipment meets the requirements of this International Standard and corresponds to the intended use. The calibration shall be done against reference equipments traceable to known National or International Standards through an unbroken chain. The use of reference equipment is limited to the range of frequencies for which it has been calibrated.
Data channel subsystems can be evaluated individually and the results factored into the accuracy of the total data channel. This can be made, for example, by an electrical signal of known amplitude simulating the output signal of the transducer allowing a check to be made on the gain of the data channel, excluding the transducer.BS ISO 6487 pdf download.

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