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BS ISO 6469-4:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 6469-4:2015 pdf free.Electrically propelled road vehicles一Safety specifications
The RESS shall be at any state of charge, which allows the normal operation of the power train as recommended by the manufacturer.
Prior to the vehicle crash test, the voltage class B electric circuit shall be electrically energized according to normal operating conditions. For exemptions, see 5.2.1.
If an automatic disconnect exists, the test can be performed with the automatic disconnect being opened before the crash test. In this case, the demonstration of the activation of the automatic disconnect might be required if 5.2.3 is applied to the electrical load, depending on the limit chosen for the isolation resistance. The demonstration shall include monitoring of automatic activation signal as well as the proper operation of the automatic disconnect under similar conditions according to the crash test.
Modifications necessary for the measurement can be carried out such as installation of measurement lines, disabling of isolation monitoring device, change of software, etc. These modifications shall not have significant influence on the results of the measurement.
The fuel supply system can be modified so that an appropriate amount of fuel can be used to run an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell system, to the extent permissible under the applicable crash test procedure.
NOTE The purpose to run the internal combustion engine or the fuel cell system is to electrically energize the voltage class B electric circuit.
Before the vehicle crash test is conducted, the voltage class B electric circuit voltage, Vb (see Figure 1),shall be measured and recorded to confirm that it is within the operating voltage of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
The measurement points of an electric circuit to be measured shall be clarified in advance, e.g. using electrical circuit diagrams, etc.
Measurements of voltage or energy or isolation resistance shall be taken on each disconnected or separated circuit, where applicable.BS ISO 6469-4 pdf download.

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