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BS ISO 6238:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 6238:2018 pdf free.Adhesives一Wood-to-wood adhesive bonds一Determination of shear strength by compressive loading
Blocks shall be cut from the timber, preferably of a size such that five test joints may be cut from one bonded block as shown in Figure 3. The grain direction shall be parallel to the longest dimension of the block. The blocks shall have surfaces substantially free from saw marks. The blocks shall be weighed and assembled in pairs so that blocks of approximately the same relative density are bonded together.The test blocks shall be knife-planed to ensure the bonding faces are flat, smooth and parallel to the surface where pressure will be applied; they shall be free from dirt, dust or other contamination. Unless otherwise agreed between the interested parties, the thickness of each of the blocks shall not vary by more than 0,1 mm to ensure even pressure during cure.
Prepare and apply the adhesive to the blocks in accordance with the procedure recommended by the manufacturer of the adhesive. Assemble and compress the coated blocks, also in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the adhesive. Number each bonded block. The net mass of the adhesive applied may be verified by weighing the blocks before and after spreading the adhesive.
Reduce the width of the test blocks to (L±0,5) mm by planing or sawing an approximately equal amount from each side. Before cutting off the test joints, cut approximately 10 mm from each end, then cut off the individual test joints as shown in Figure 3. When preparing the test specimens, make sure that the loaded surfaces are smooth and parallel to each other and perpendicular to the height. While reducing the lengths of the overlap to (W±0,5) mm, ensure that the saw cuts extend to, but not beyond,the bondline. Also ensure that the saw cuts are perpendicular to the major axis.Number each test joint consecutively from one end of the bonded block to the other.
Store the test joints in the conditioning atmosphere described in Clause 7, until tested. The bonded blocks may be briefly removed for the cutting operations.BS ISO 6238 pdf free download.


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