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BS ISO 6101-6:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 6101-6:2018 pdf free.Rubber一Determination of metal content by atomic absorption spectrometry
If the ash is black, caused by small amounts of carbon black, add 1 cm3 of concentrated nitric acid (5.1) to the ash, evaporate to dryness on an electrical heating plate or sand bath (6.11) and return to the muffle furnace and ash for 10 min to 15 min.
Add 10 cm3 of dilute nitric acid (5.2) to the cooled residue. Cover with a watch glass (6.12) and heat on a steam bath (6.7) for at least 30 min. Allow to cool to ambient temperature. Filter the contents of the crucible into a 50 cm3 one-mark volumetric flask, rinsing the crucible and making up with dilute nitric acid (5.2) to the mark. Proceed in accordance with 8.4 Switch on the spectrometer (6.1) sufficiently in advance to ensure stabilization. With the magnesium hollow-cathode lamp suitably positioned, adjust the wavelength to 285,2 nm and the sensitivity and slit aperture according to the characteristics of the instrument.
Adjust the pressure and flow rate of the air and of the acetylene in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions so as to obtain a clear, blue, non-luminous, oxidizing flame, suited to the characteristics of the particular spectrometer being used.
Aspirate the set of calibration solutions in succession into the flame and measure the absorbance of each solution twice, averaging the readings. Take care that the aspiration rate is constant throughout this process. Ensure also that at least one standard is at or below the level corresponding to the rubber being tested.
Plot a graph having, for example, the masses, in micrograms, of magnesium contained in 1 cm3 of the calibration solutions as abscissae and the corresponding values of absorbance, corrected for the absorbance of the calibration blank, as ordinates. Represent the points on the graph by the best straight line as judged visually or as calculated by a least squares ftting method.BS ISO 6101-6 pdf free download.


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