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BS ISO 4046-4:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 4046-4:2016 pdf free.Paper, board, pulps and related terms一Vocabulary
paper in sets, being sheets or continuous forms or unit books, the backs of which are coated with a pressure-transferable pigmented layer so that copies of all or part of the original manuscript or typescript can be obtained without inserting separate sheets of carbon paper
lightweight paper with a good strength, particularly with regard to perforation, of even thickness, very flat, suitable for the application of a pigmented coating
and free from imperfections that would permit the coating to penetrate through the paper
paper other than carbon paper or carbonized forms coated on one or both sides with,or otherwise containing, a substance for obtaining simultaneously one or more copies of an original manuscript or typescript by localized pressure without interposing carbon paper
base paper or board, free from contaminating ingredients, of high mechanical strength at normal and low temperatures, suitable for further processing to produce wrapping or packing materials with the necessary characteristics, such as grease resistance,water-vapour proofness and sealability as required for
use in direct contact with frozen and deep-frozen foods
durable, fully-sized, woodfree or cotton-containing paper, with a grammage between 90 g/m2 and 130 g/m2,used for bookkeeping, records, policies,legal documents and long-life forms
article intended for dispatch by letterpost (letterpost item according to postal terminology) after closing,consisting of a sheet of opaque paper, white or of a pale shade, on which correspondence is witten on one side only, the sheet being folded, generally only once, with writing inside and sealed by the edges
which have been treated with a suitable adhesive
NOTE One side of the closed lettercard is reserved for the address, stamp and postal indications. There may be a series of perforations to facilitate removal of the stuck edge from the functional part of the lettercard. The characteristics of the paper used should be such that the lettercard has properties that meet postal requirements.BS ISO 4046-4 pdf download.

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