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BS ISO 3917:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 3917:2016 pdf free.Road vehicles一Safety glazing materials一Test methods for resistance to radiation, high temperature, humidity, fire and simulated weathering
a) The test shall be conducted in a laboratory hood or draft-free enclosure greater than 0,5 m3 in size and provided with a means for venting the fumes from burning test specimens. Ifa hood is used, its exhaust fan will be turned off during the test but allowed to run periodically to clear out the fumes between tests.
b) The test specimen shall be clamped in a suitable holder, at the end farthest from the 25 mm mark,with its longitudinal axis horizontal and its transverse axis inclined at 45。to the horizontal. The specimen is held with the plastic surface downward, facing the flame.
c) Under the test specimen there shall be clamped a 20 mesh per 25,4 mm Bunsen burner gauze, about 125 mm square, in a horizontal position 6 mm below the edge of the test specimen and with about 13 mm of the test specimen extending beyond the edge of the gauze as ilustrated in Figure 1.
d) The flame is provided by a Bunsen burner. The gas supplied to the burner shall have a caloric value of about 38 MJ/m3 (for example, natural gas).
The dimensions of the test specimens shall normally be those specified in the appropriate test method for the property or properties to be measured after exposure.
The number of test specimens for each test condition or exposure stage shall be determined, in addition to those required for visual evaluations as specified in 10.5 by the number required by the test methods.It is recommended that visual evaluations be conducted on the largest test specimens tested.Measure, in accordance with ISO 3538, the luminous transmission of the test specimen(s) to be exposed. Measure, in accordance with ISO 3537, the resistance to abrasion of the plastic surface(s) of the control specimen(s]. That face of each test specimen which would represent the surface glazed to the exterior of the road vehicle shall face the lamp. Other exposure conditions shall be as specified in 10.4.2 to 10.4.11.BS ISO 3917 pdf free.

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