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BS ISO 35104:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 35104:2018 pdf free.Petroleum and natural gas industries – Arctic operations – Ice management
Safe learning principles shall be adopted throughout the design, planning and operation phases, shall be part of the continuous improvement of the process, and shall be applied to all aspects of IM operations.Safe learning shall involve the joint training of key participants in physical IM operations (platform,tankers, support vessels and icebreakers), particularly with respect to difficult circumstances (e.g.changes in the ice drift direction) and emergency situations (e.g. engine failure, propeller damage).
When unanticipated or unforecast events have taken place, the circumstances associated with them shall be incorporated in revisions to the IM plan and in joint training programmes.IM operations should be initiated conservatively with high contingencies until experience is gained with the operation of the facility. A cautionary approach should be adopted due to uncertainties associated with unanticipated and unforecast events, and appropriate safety margins should be applied to actions(i.e. loads) and responses (e.g. offsets).
These contingencies and safety factors may be adjusted over time, as experience and increased confidence are gained. This performance-based safety system should allow the updating of the operating ice envelope.
Continuous improvement should be made to the IM system in terms of personnel, equipment and system integration to ensure that the original objectives continue to be met.
Circumstances where the IM system does not function as intended shall be documented. IM performance measures are dealt with in Clause 6. Lessons learned shall be incorporated in the IM plan, and through changes to IM procedures and equipment.
Safe working hours shall always be part of any operation, but special consideration shall be given to operations in the arctic and cold regions characterized by darkness, low visibility, possible icing, and low temperatures. Working hours should also reflect the exposure of IM vessel personnel to noise,vibrations and sudden motions associated with icebreaking activities.BS ISO 35104 pdf free download.

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