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BS ISO 3271:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 3271:2015 pdf free.lron ores for blast furnace and direct reduction feedstocks
BS ISO 3271 Tumble drum, made of steel plate at least 5 mm in thickness, having an internal diameter of 1 000 mm and an internal length of 500 mm. Two equally spaced L-shaped steel lifters 50 mm flat×50 mm high×5 mm thick and 500 mm long shall be solidly attached longitudinally inside the drum by welding, in such a manner as to prevent accumulation of material between the lifter and drum. Each lifter shall be fastened so that it points towards the axis of the drum, with its attached leg pointing away from the direction of rotation, thus providing a clear unobstructed shelf for lifting the sample. The door shall be so constructed as to fit into the drum to form a smooth inner surface. During the test, the door shall be rigidly fastened and sealed to prevent loss of the sample. The drum shall be rotated on stub axles attached to its ends by flanges welded so as to provide smooth inner surfaces. The drum shall be replaced, in any case, when the thickness of the plate is reduced to 3 mm in any area. The lifters shall be replaced when the height of the shelf is reduced to less than 47 mm. Figure 1 shows an example of a tumble drum.
Drum rotation equipment, capable of ensuring that the drum attains full speed in one revolution,rotates at a constant speed of 25 r/min±1 r/min, and stops within one revolution. The equipment shall be fitted with a revolution counter and with an automatic device for stopping the drum after a predetermined number of revolutions.
Test sieves, conforming to ISO 3310-1 or ISO 3310-2 and having square apertures of the following nominal sizes: 6,30 mm and 500 um.
Weighing device, capable of weighing the test sample and test portions and having a sensitivity of 1/1 000 or better.BS ISO 03271 pdf download.

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