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BS ISO 30405:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 30405:2016 pdf free.Human resource management – Guidelines on recruitment
The purpose of identifying a potential talent pool is to create awareness about the organization (employer brand and to attract the interest of potential applicants. This stage of the recruitment process does not typically identify characteristics of specific vacancies or open positions. Employer branding reflects an organization’s past, current and desired future reputation as a place to work, as well as the image it projects. The goal of these activities is to assist in moving potential talent to the talent pool. A key activity is to articulate and communicate relevant information to current employees and prospective applicants, and to ensure that it is consistent to both.
Employer brand refers to the perceptions people have about an organization as an employer. The employer brand affects an organization’s ability to attract people and engage and retain current employees.
The recruitment process ends when the candidate joins the organization. The goal of this stage is to transition the candidate (now an employee) to the on-boarding process, which will facilitate the candidate’s smooth induction and integration into the organization’s culture and work community.
Activities such as the following assist in transitioning the new employee from the recruitment process to the on-boarding process:
a) send a welcome message to staff announcing the new employee’s arrival and location;
b) introduce the new employee to human resource/payroll/ benefits representative to complete any new hire paper work and to receive an introduction to employee benefits.
NOTE This process includes the activities associated with introducing new employees to the representative responsible for socializing them into the organization.
Measurement is critical to the recruiting process, and recruitment inevitably encompasses aspects of the staffing process as well. For consistency, the term “recruitment” is used in this document, while acknowledging that the measurement process overlaps with staffing.
Recognizing that value is created through the quality of talent recruited as well as the costs incurred to secure that talent, three broad sets of measures are suggested: efficiency, effectiveness and impact.BS ISO 30405 pdf free download.

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