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BS ISO 29863:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 29863:2018 pdf free.Self adhesive tapes – Measurement of static shear adhesion
To prevent damaging the test piece by the end of the panel during roll down, place another panel of the same or slightly lesser thickness under the free masked end of the test piece, and in contact with the end of the panel prior to roll down. Roll down the applied test area twice, once in each lengthwise direction.
Individually prepare each specimen and begin test within 1 min. For tapes other than packaging tapes, other dwell times may be used but shall be reported.
The tester should know that by prolonged handling, heat is transmitted to the stainless steel test panel. Therefore during and after application of the adhesive tape to the test panel, the panel should be handled as little as possible.
The following action shall be completed within 1 min of rolling the sample in
Place the clamp on the free end of the test piece, ensuring that the clamp extends completely across the width of the test piece and is aligned to uniformly distribute the load.
Place the test assembly in the test stand so that the free end of the test piece is vertical, ensuring that no peel force acts on the test piece.
Apply the mass to the clamp gently so as to cause no shear impact force on the test piece. Record the time elapsed until the test piece has completely separated from the test panel.
To determine the test result, convert each of the test piece results (times to failure) to its common or natural logarithm. Obtain the arithmetic mean of all logarithms and then convert back to time by obtaining the appropriate antilogarithm.
Apply approximately 100 mm of one end of the test piece centrally to the panel in the longitudinal axis of the panel. The tape shall be applied such that it makes a true right angle to the bent edge of the panel.
Allow the remaining 200 mm of test piece to hang over the bent edge of the panel.
Using a straight edge cut through the width of the test piece on the panel 75 mm from the front of the bend at the end of the panel.BS ISO 29863 pdf download.

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