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BS ISO 2782-1:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 2782-1:2016 pdf free.Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic一Determination of permeability to gases
The cavity of a test cell, maintained at a constant temperature, is divided by a test piece into a high-pressure and a low-pressure side. The high-pressure side of the cell is filled with the test gas. The quantity of gas that diffuses through the test piece to the low-pressure side is determined by a pressure sensor or by a gas chromatograph.
In the pressure sensor method, the gas transmission rate, gas permeability coefficient, gas diffusion coefficient and gas solubility coefficient are measured, producing an average value for a gas mixture.In the simplified pressure sensor method only the gas permeability coefficient is measured. In the gas-chromatographic method, measurements are possible on test gases containing water vapour, and it is also possible to analyse mixtures of gases to determine the components.
Test cell, consisting of a low-pressure side and a high-pressure side, such that, when a test piece is mounted in it, the gas transmission area is clearly defined. The high-pressure side has an inlet port to supply test gas, and a pressure sensor is connected to the low-pressure side to detect the change in pressure caused by the gas transmitted through the test piece. The surfaces of the two halves of the cell which make contact with the test piece shall be smooth and flat to prevent any leakage of gas. A seal such as an 0-ring may be used between these areas and the test piece, in which case the gas transmission rate of the seal shall be considerably lower than that of the material being tested so that it does not affect the result of the test. The material of the test cell shall be unreactive with regard to the test gas and shall not absorb the gas used. The diameter of the gas transmission area shall be within the range 10 mm to 150 mm, depending on the gas transmission rate expected.BS ISO 2782-1 pdf free download.

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