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BS ISO 26684:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 26684:2015 pdf free.Intelligent transport systems (ITS)一Performance requirements and test procedures
The OBE in the CIWS will use information transmitted from the RSE to determine if a warning or information should be given. The transmitted information should include traffic signal status and/or timing and traffic signal stopping location or distance information.
The RSE will broadcast a periodic wireless message that identifies the traffic signal and its exact location. The message will indicate the current phase of the signal and the travel direction corresponding to that information. The message could also indicate the next phase for the traffic signal, as well as the time until that phase change.
The OBE will receive the wireless message from the RSE and conduct computations to determine if a warning or information should be generated. In conjunction with information about traffic signal location, phase, and/or timing, the OBE could display signal status information or use information regarding the vehicle’s location, heading, speed, and acceleration, to estimate the likelihood of violating the traffic signal phase upon entering the intersection. The calculations could also use information about road conditions, embedded in the message from the traffic signal via RSE or known from any other source, to adjust the operation of the decision algorithm.
The OBE shall estimate the elapsed time and distance travelled from the point when the vehicle did pass the RSE; it shall update the time green remaining (Gr) and the TTAI, taking into account the current vehicle speed. In this case, the provision of warning could be decided during the approach by comparing TTAI to thresholds as shown in Table 2.
Anywarning shall be terminated when it is judged to be unnecessary in consideration ofthe position/state of the vehicle.
This system should not be installed in intersections where actuated signal control, with changeable signal timing, is applied.BS ISO 26684 pdf download.

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