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BS ISO 23572:2020 pdf free

BS ISO 23572:2020 pdf free.Petroleum products一Lubricating greases一Sampling of greases
The containers intended to receive the samples shall be clean and dry and non-corrodible by the sampled products. When the samples are stored over prolonged periods, the containers shall be resistant to the ambient conditions and well-proof if the container has been obtained by crimping. The containers shall be able to be closed with a tight lid.
If the inspection is performed on the manufacturing site, the samples shall be withdrawn from the containers ready for shipping separately on each manufacturing lot. Grease samples shall not be taken directly from grease kettles, cooling pans or tanks of processing equipment.
Do not sample the grease before it has stayed for at least 12 hours in the finished container and has cooled down to a temperature not more than 9。above that of the air surrounding the container.
Examine the open containers to determine whether the grease is homogeneous. Compare the appearance, texture and consistency of the grease that stays in the vicinity of the surface with the grease located at least 15 cm below the surface. When more than one container of a lot or shipment is opened, proceed to the same examinations as before on all opened containers.
If, when inspecting, no marked difference is evident, withdraw one portion from the approximate centre and at least 6,5 cm below the surface of each opened container in sufficient quantity to provide a composite sample of the desired quantity (see Table 1).
Withdraw portions with a clean spatula (5.2) and a ladle, big spoon or grain shovel (5.3) and place them in a clean container (5.2). For soft and very soft greases, it is preferable to use a ladle with a volume of approximately 0,5 1.
If there is any marked difference in appearance or texture of the grease from the various locations of an open container, take two separate samples of approximately 0,5 kg each, one from the top of the surface near the walls and the other from the centre of the container, at least 15 cm below the surface.
If any marked variations are noted between different containers of a lot or shipment, take separate samples of approximately 0,5 kg.
If, because a lack of uniformity, more than one sample of a batch or shipment is taken, the samples shall be sent for laboratory inspection as separate samples.BS ISO 23572 pdf download.

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