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BS ISO 22059:2020 pdf free

BS ISO 22059:2020 pdf free.Guidelines on consumer warranties/guarantees
Businesses are responsible for the safety, durability and performance of their products, whilst complying with applicable laws and adhering to international norms of behaviour. The purpose of this document is to help manufacturers and/or suppliers to develop, implement and improve product warranties/guarantees. Warranties/guarantees should protect the consumer from product defects.
Manufacturers and/or suppliers should demonstrate their commitment to consumer warranties/guarantees by adhering to the principles set out in this document. These principles include the following:
a) developing, implementing and maintaining appropriate consumer product standards to ensure consumer protection in relation to product safety, performance and durability;
b) making a commitment to the prompt and effective implementation of remedies when a consumer product fails to conform to the expected safety, performance and durability;
C) promoting a product quality culture among manufacturers and/or suppliers by establishing manufacturing standards that support the terms in the warranties/guarantees; and
d) establishing processes to maintain compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards, such as those defined in ISO 10002.
A warranty/guarantee shall not require the consumer to pay a fee (as opposed to an extended warranty/guarantee where registration and fees may be applicable). However, it shall indicate what evidence is needed (e.g. invoice, receipt) as proof of ownership and date of purchase in the event of a claim.
Products shall correspond with the description (if any) given to the consumer by the manufacturer and/or supplier.
Warranty/guarantee that products comply with sample
Products supplied by reference to a sample or demonstration model shall correspond with the sample or demonstration model in description, quality and performance.
Warranty/guarantee as to repairs and spare parts
The manufacturer and/or supplier shall specify the duration of the warranty/guarantee as to repair and provide spare parts. The manufacturer and/or supplier should take reasonable action to ensure that facilities for the repair of the product and the supply of spare parts of the product are available for the specified period of time after the product is so supplied.
Warranty/guarantee as to inspection
A manufacturer and/or supplier shall make available the product for inspection to the consumer at the point of supply before the product is supplied. Inspection by the consumer does not bar the consumer’s right to enforce the warranty/guarantee and any statutory remedies.BS ISO 22059 pdf download.

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