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BS ISO 20463:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 20463:2018 pdf free.Rubber and rubber products
This method specifies how to determine the combustion energy of rubber or a rubber product using a bomb calorimeter. A high-pressure proof sealed bomb is used as a measuring vessel. A test sample is placed in the bomb flld with high-pressure oxygen with an ignition wire contacting the sample. The bomb is then placed in a water vessel the temperature of which is accurately controlled and measured.
The test sample is combusted by igniting the wire and the calorific value is determined by the temperature increase, the volume of water in the water vessel (or the heat capacity of calorimeter) and the heat capacity of the bomb.
The combustion system is calibrated by combusting the calorimetric standard, i.e. crtified benzoic acid.
If the carbon dioxide emission amount is to be measured in the later process, the combustion gas in the bomb shall be collected and used for the determination.
Oxygen, at a pressure high enough to fill the bomb to 3 MPa, pure, with an assay of at least 99,5 % volume fraction, and free from combustible matter.
NOTE Oxygen made by the electrolytic process can contain up to 4 % volume fraction of hydrogen.
Benzoic acid, of calorimetric-standard quality, certified by (or traceable to) a recognized standardizing authority.
The calorimeter (see Figure 1) consists of the assembled combustion bomb, the calorimeter can (with or without a lid), the calorimeter stirrer, water, temperature sensor and leads with connectors inside the calorimeter can required for ignition of the sample or as part of temperature measurement or control
circuits. The calorimeter shall conform to ISO 1928 or provide the equivalent test results. During measurements, the calorimeter is enclosed in a thermostat. The manner in which the thermostat temperature is controlled defines the working principle of the instrument and, hence, the strategy for evaluating the corrected temperature rise.BS ISO 20463 pdf download.

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