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BS ISO 20189:2018 pdf free.Acoustics一Screens, furniture and single objects intended for interior use
A floor screen is a room divider normally used in large rooms to provide sound attenuation between workstations or different zones with several workstations. A floor screen can have different heights and is normally comprised of several units standing on the floor, connected to create a space separation around one or more workstations. Single screen units can occur but are then not regarded as a screen but instead as a single object. A floor screen is normally higher than 1,4 m but lower than room height,leaving some space between the ceiling and its top.
Floor screens can be measured, evaluated and declared with regard to their sound absorption characteristics, their screen sound attenuation and sound insulation (sound reduction index).The sound attenuation of a floor screen is given as OLs, and OLs,w according to ISO 10053. The values are strongly dependent on the actual screen height and connections between units, and are therefore only applicable for the screen height and the connection setup that were valid during the measurements.
The sound insulation of a floor screen is denoted with the frequency-dependent sound reduction index, R, and with the weighted sound reduction index, Rw. The sound reduction index is measured in a laboratory where the screen construction is mounted in the entire test opening according to ISO 10140-2.The sound reduction index is measured for the entire construction including connections to floor, walls and between individual screen elements. Connections between screen elements shall be performed as it is done in reality (normally). No extra sealing is allowed between adjacent screen elements. An edge of maximum 5 cm is allowed around the test specimen in order to simplify the mounting.
The sound reduction shall be measured in the 1/3-octave bands between 100 Hz and 5 000 Hz. The frequency range may be extended in order to comprise frequencies between 50 Hz, if possible.BS ISO 20189 pdf free download.


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