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BS ISO 19809:2017 pdf free

BS ISO 19809:2017 pdf free.Packaging一Accessible design一Information and marking
Evaluation of accessibility of information and marking of packaging shall be conducted for considering diverse users and diverse contexts of use. Both instrument-based evaluation and user-based evaluation may apply. When obtaining a direct user’s evaluation on his/her performance with information and marking concerning human sensory or cognitive aspects, the user-based evaluation should be used no matter how it involves measuring instruments.
Instrument test methods can provide physical quantitative data with regards to certain attributes of information and marking. The data includes luminance, illuminance, colour and contrast, as wellasthe spatial dimensions of symbols, letters and pictograms with visual information. With tactile marking, the data may include dimensional information such as size (height, width and depth). The data generated by these instrument-based evaluations can be used to compare characteristics of related packaging and to provide possible insights for improved designs when combined with user-based evaluation.
User-based evaluation enables the assessment of packaging designs and allows the development of an understanding of user responses to information and marking of packaging. User-based evaluation should be used in conjunction with other psychological methods such as questionnaires and structured or unstructured interviews. The data generated by these user-based evaluations can provide possible insights for improved designs.
Instead of testing with the general population, one should select a test population from those who are the most sensitive based on their characteristics and capabilities in use of the packaging. The results can also be valid for the general populations that are less sensitive. General information on how to set up and perform user-based evaluation can be found in ISO 20282 (all parts).
To enable fast screening of relevant basic features with regard to the information design of consumer packaging, a checklist is included in Annex C.
If a package is claimed to have met the requirements in this document, the procedure used to determine how they have been met shall be specified. The detail to which the procedure is specified is a matter of negotiation between the involved parties.BS ISO 19809 pdf download.

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