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BS ISO 19613:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 19613:2018 pdf free.Fine ceramics一Measurement of viscosity of ceramic slurry by use of a rotational viscometer
Rotational viscometers have various measuring geometries. Representative rotational viscometers having a defined shear rate are a coaxial cylinder system (Annex A), a cone and plate system (Annex B),and a parallel plates system (Annex C). In contrast, single cylinder viscometers without a defined shear rate (Annex D) are able to give an apparent viscosity relatively quickly and reproducibly, and to provide a comparison between samples.
The measuring system shall consist of two rigid, symmetrical, coaxial surfaces between which the fluid whose viscosity is to be measured is placed. One of these surfaces shall rotate while the other remains at rest. The measuring system shall be such that the shear rate can be defined for each measurement.A torque-measuring device shall be connected to one of the surfaces, thus permitting determination of the torque required to overcome the viscous resistance of the fluid. Suitable measuring systems are the coaxial double cylinder system (Annex A), cone and plate system (Annex B), and parallel plate system (Annex C), as prescribed by JIS 8803 and ISO 20507. The dimensions of each measuring system are detailed in Annexes A, B, and C which are designed to ensure a geometrically similar flow field for all types of measurement and all common types of basic instrument.
The basic instrument shall be designed to permit alternative rotors and stators to be fitted, for the generation of a range of defined rotational frequencies (stepwise or continuously variable), and for measuring the resulting torque, or vice versa (i.e. measurement of the necessary angular velocity to generate a defined torque). The apparatus shall have a torque-measurement accuracy of 2 % of the full-scale reading. Within the regular working range of the instrument, the accuracy of rotational-frequency measurement shall be 2 % of the measured value. The repeatability of viscosity measurement shall be±2 %.BS ISO 19613 pdf download.

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