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BS ISO 19030-2:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 19030-2:2016 pdf free.Ships and marine technology – Measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance
Delivered power shall be approximated based on calculations of shaft power, Ps, from measurements of shaft torque and shaft revolutions following Annex B or, if a torque meter with required signal quality is not available and the conditions defined in Annex C are fulfilled, shall be based on calculations of brake power, PB, from an engine-specific SFOC (specific fuel oil consumption) reference curve defined in Annex D, continuous measurements of fuel flow and temperature and bunker analysis data (calorific value, density and density change rate for the fuel being consumed).
The approaches to calculating shaft power and brake power, as well as minimum required sensors and sensor accuracies for each, are specified in Annex B and Annex C, respectively.
The same approach to approximating delivered power shall be used throughout both the reference and evaluation periods.
The speed power data have to cover the actual operational speed-power range of the vessel in question and it shall be available for the actual operational loading conditions (draught, trim) of the vessel in question. Data from the same approach shall be used consistently over the whole operational range of,and over both reference and evaluation periods for, the vessel in question.
If a significant change in the operational behaviour of the vessel occurs, e.g. by following a slow-steaming regime during one period but not during another period or by starting to use trim optimization, high resolution speed-power-draught-trim data shall be used to ensure that the estimated level of accuracy (see 7.2) is maintained. Annex E describes a procedure on how to obtain high-resolution speed-power-draught-trim databases.
High resolution speed-power-draughttrim data is generally recommended in case of high variability in the operational parameters.
If speed-power reference data are not available for the actual operational speed-power range of the vessel or for the actual operational loading range of the vessel, additional speed-power data have to be estimated as follows.BS ISO 19030-2 pdf free download.

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