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BS ISO 18927:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 18927:2013 pdf free.Imaging materials – Recordable compact discsystems
A sampling of 80 recorded discs shall be divided into five groups according to a specified plan. Each group of discs (test cell) shall be subjected to one of five test stresses, combinations of temperature and relative humidity. Periodically during the stress conditions, all discs from each stress group shall have their block error rate (BLER) measured. Data collected at each time interval for each individual disc are then used to determine a lifetime for that disc.
The disc lifetimes at each stress level are fitted to a lognormal distribution to determine a mean lifetime for the stress. The resulting five mean lifetimes are regressed against temperature and relative humidity according to an Eyring acceleration model. This model is then used to estimate the distribution of lifetimes at a usage condition.
End-of-life is the occurrence of any loss of information. Ideally, each specimen is tested until the first loss of information occurs. Realistically, this is impractical. This International Standard considers max BLER to be a high-level estimate of the performance of the system. The objective of measuring BLER is to establish a practical estimation of the system’s ability to read recorded data without uncorrectable errors. A change in max BLER in response to the time at an accelerated temperature and humidity is the principal quality parameter.
Calibration according to the tester manufacturer’s procedure shall be performed prior to any measurement data being collected. A calibration disc shall be available from an accredited source.
In addition to the calibration disc, one control disc shall be maintained at ambient conditions and its max BLER measured before and after each data collection interval. A control chart shall be maintained for this control disc.
The mean and standard deviation of the control disc shall be established by collecting at least five measurements. Should any individual max BLER reading differ from the mean by more than three times the standard deviation, the problem shall be corrected and all data collected since the last valid control point shall be re-measured.BS ISO 18927 pdf download.

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