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BS ISO 18442:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 18442:2013 pdf free.Space data and information transfer systems一Space Link Extension
BS ISO 18442 specifes extensions to the API needed for support of the Return All Frames (RAF) service defined in Space Link Extension- -Return All Frames Service Specification, CCSDS 911.1-B-2.
This International Standard defines extensions to the SLE API in terms of:
a) the RAF-specific functionality provided by API components;
b) the RAF-specific interfaces provided by API components; and
c) the extemally visible behavior associated with the RAF interfaces exported by the components. It does not specify
a) individual implementations or products;
b) the internal design of the components; and
c) the technology used for communications.
BS ISO 18442 defines only interfaces and behavior that must be provided by implementations supporting the Return All Frames service in addition to the specification in Space Link Extension- Application Program Interface for Transfer Services-Core Specification, CCSDS 914.0-M-1.
The scope and field of application are furthermore detailed in subclause 1.3 of the enclosed CCSDS publication.
2 Requirements
Requirements are the technical recommendations made in the following publication (reproduced on the following pages), which is adopted as an International Standard:
CCSDS 915.1-M-1, October 2008, Space Link Extension 一Application Program Interface for Return AIl Frames Service.
For the purposes of international standardization, the modifications outined below shall apply to the specific clauses and paragraphs of publication CCSDS 915.1-M-1.
This part is information which is relevant to the CCSDS publication only.
CCSDS Recommendations take two forms: Recommended Standards that are prescriptive and are the formal vehicles by which CCSDS Agencies create the standards that specify how elements of their space mission support infrastructure shall operate and interoperate with others; and Recommended Practices that are more descriptive in nature and are intended to provide general guidance about how to approach a particular problem associated with space mission support. This Recommended Practice is issued by, and represents the consensus of,the CCSDS members. Endorsement of this Recommended Practice is entirely voluntary and does not imply a commitment by any Agency or organization to implement its recommendations in a prescriptive sense.BS ISO 18442 pdf download.

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