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BS ISO 18424:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 18424:2013 pdf free.Space data and information transfer systems一XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE)
A SequenceContainer may represent a packet, a frame, a sub- frame or any other grouping/structure of data items. The simple form of a Sequence element is an ordered set of Parameter References or other Container References.
A MessageSet is an unordered collection of Messages. Messages are an alternative method of uniquely identifying containers within a Service. A message provides a test in the form of MatchCriteria to match to a container. A Match Criteria is a simple or complex comparison of elements in a container against preset values. A simple example might be: When minorframeID=21, the message is the 21st minorframe container. The collection of messages to search through will be bound by a Service. A service is a set of messages and/or containers is used to filter containers. This mechanism can be used to sort containers, for instance all containers with a field X equal to a supplied value will be given the name of a service. These containers will be found according to a generic container or a message (the message itself refers to a container).
A StreamSet is an unordered collection of Streams. Spacecraft uplinks and spacecraft downlinks are digital streams of data and there are a number of processing functions that are done on the stream level. The StreamSet in a SpaceSystem XTCE document can contain all of the information on how to assemble,disassemble and process spacecraft uplink and downlink streams for that SpaceSystem. There are three possible Streams types: VariableFrameStream for streams containing variable length streams,FixedFrameStream for streams containing fixed length streams and a custom stream that can be used to define any other kind of stream needed (The name of a Custom Algorithms are given for processing these streams).BS ISO 18424 pdf download.

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