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BS ISO 18421:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 18421:2016 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Inland navigation vessels一Lifebuoy housings
buoyant ring provided with grab lines (3.2) and reflective strips
Note 1 to entry: A lifebuoy enables a person to keep himself above water, marks the location of the emergency,and aids recovery. Lifebuoys can be fitted with lines and light sources in accordance with official regulations.
The internal dimensions are to be chosen so that a lifebuoy of 760 mm outer diameter, 440 mm inner diameter and of 103 mm thickness with a grab line at its outer edge and a floatable line with a diameter of 8 mm to 11 mm and 30 m length, with or without throw line, fits into the housing.
The interior of the housing shall be designed so that neither the lifebuoy nor the life-line will fall off when the cover is opened and at the same time allows quick and easy access to both.
The housing shall have a cover with bolting. The cover shall have a captive connection to the housing.
The closing latches shall keep the door shut, but allow quick and easy access the lifebuoy.
The design of the cover shall allow an easy access of the life buoy.
The cover of the housing shall have a lifebuoy symbol to the outside and the plate with directions for rescue and resuscitation of drowning persons in accordance with ISO 18422 shall be fastened inside the inner circle of the lifebuoy symbol.
The housing for lifebuoys shall be manufactured in such a way that it can be fixed to masts, posts and poles or onto walls or railings.
These requirements are met if there are four bolt holes for the fixing of the housing through which threaded bolts can be inserted.
The tests shall include the following individual tests as described below. The test is performed by visual inspection, function test and measuring.
The performance, the quality of the surface, the colour, the functioning of the indicating device,if applicable, and the feasibility to attach an indicating seal, if applicable, shall be tested by visual inspection and function test.BS ISO 18421 pdf free.

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