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BS ISO 17840:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 17840:2013 pdf free.Road vehicles – Rescue sheet
As applicable, all components that may expose the vehicle occupants or the rescue personnel to risks during the extrication process (including e.g. cutting of the vehicle) shall be identified and shown in the rescue sheet. Devic-es/measures to inhibit a dangerous state (e.g. high voltage disconnect) shall also be shown.
The rescue sheet may be created as one sheet covering all vehicle variants and body shapes and drives (e.g.2-door, sedan 4-door, 4-door coupe, convertible, sedan, station wagon, LHD and RHD etC.). However it is recog-nised that there may be instances where the location of the position of the components listed in Table 1 may dif-fer from one vehicle variant to another, and that in these instances it will be necessary to create additional rescue sheets to cover these differences.
The front page of the rescue sheet is mandatory and shall be designed according to Annex A or Annex B.
This includes the header, the top view, the side view and the legend which show all relevant compo-nents/functions to be considered. These are defined in Table 1. For the described vehicle, the front page shall show the maximum configuration/equipment possible for the vehicle.
The side view of the vehicle shall show the shapes of the vehicle and the shapes of doors, windows, bonnet and boot in black lines. The creator of the rescue sheet decides regarding clarity which components, defined in clause 4, will be placed in the side view. The placement of the side view is defined in Annexes A and B.
Transparency should be used to show when one component is behind another in the side view.
NOTE 1 It may be necessary to place a component only in the top or the side view. The aim should be to place compo-nents from clause 4 in the side view only if the vertical location adds valuable information. The structure elements for the door reinforcement are optional.BS ISO 17840 pdf download.

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