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BS ISO 17680:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 17680:2015 pdf free.Tourism and related services一Thalassotherapy 一Service requirements
The manager of the thalassotherapy centre is responsible of managing the activities related to commercialization processes. This includes the means used to inform about the services offered (webpage, leaflet, etc.) and the intermediation services contract (travel agencies, tour operators, booking offices, companies, etc.) The materials used in commercialization (webpage, advertisement, leaflet) to promote services shall respond to truthful, and reliable information, avoiding wrong and/or misleading terms or images.
For those cases in which the thalassotherapy centre has virtual tools of communication with the customer (webpage, for example), top management shall ensure that the information provided is adjusted to the kind and features of the services offered in each moment. Furthermore, and for those cases where these tools interact directly with the customer the information shall be given punctually and rapidly to every request, ensuring that the arrangements made through these tools provide the same level of reliability as those done by another means of communication.
Depending on the structure and operational procedures of the thalassotherapy centre, environmental criteria shall be incorporated in the provision of services, such as: packaging reduction or promotion of reusable packaging, use of biodegradable products, and recycling. The thalassotherapy centre shall develop activities aimed at reducing water consumption, such as the use of water flow faucets, flux meters, cistern capacity limitation, cell activation systems, timers, drip irrigation, low-irrigation plants in gardens, hourly control system, localized irrigation, and garden redesign.
Effective management of waste shall be carried out in accordance with national and local legislation,taking into consideration the resources provided by such administration. This shall include the avoidance of pollution in the disposal of liquids and in emissions to the air.The thalassotherapy centre shall support the classification of generated waste, facilitating the recycling or further use of such waste.
The thalassotherapy centre shall act over the noises generated within its activity both inside and outside,in order to avoid disturbing customers. The manager shall ensure awareness among the staff so as to not disturb customers.BS ISO 17680 pdf download.

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