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BS ISO 17679:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 17679:2016 pdf free.Tourism and related services – Wellness spa – Service requirements
The wellness spa shall ensure that all aquatic wellness facilities including whirlpool, hydrotherapy pools and other equipment filled with water, in which clients share a common area, are clean, free from debris and have the proper water chemistry. The water chemical levels shall be monitored on a regular basis.
All electrical installations and equipment shall be properly constructed and maintained and correct for the purpose and environment in which they are used. All electrical work (installation, extension and repairs) shall be undertaken by specialist workers or supervised by those with specialist knowledge.
The top management of the wellness spa shall define the appropriate requirements and criteria for staff recruitment with regard to certain positions or functions that are considered key for optimal service provision. Certain tasks shall be developed by qualified staff. Considering their type of clients,the top management shall define the profile of the staff that is usually in contact with clients, who will be required to be able to communicate in foreign languages.
Following the recruitment, a new member of staff shall undergo a training period, throughout which,the service levels offered will be duly explained, as well as the rest of the rules of conduct for a better and earlier adaptation to the working position. To make this activity easier, the wellness spa shall have a written document explaining the basic aspects of the wellness spa so that the new members of the staff can be aware of them. Temporary staff shall be subject to a prompt and basic training process, so that the incorporation of this type of staff is not considered as an adverse condition to service provision. The top management shall approve a training plan in those areas or specialties that can affect the service provision or client satisfaction. Such a plan shall contain training activities conducted by external or internal staff. In order to prepare such a plan, the wellness spa shall define the indicators to identify all training needs, whether by units, by activities or other. The training plan shall be monitored at reasonable intervals and adapted if necessary. The top management shall offer the necessary training so that the staff can maintain the agreed levels in the service provision.BS ISO 17679 pdf free.

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