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BS ISO 17316:2015 pdf free

BS ISO 17316:2015 pdf free.Information and documentation – International standard link identifier (ISLI)
BS ISO 17316 specifies an identifier of links between entities (or their names) in the field of information and documentation. These entities can be documents, media resources, people, or more abstract items such as times or places.
The ISLI system identifies links between entities that are related to each other so that, for instance, they can be rendered jointly. It does this by registering each link identifier with information (metadata) that specifies the link. The ISLI does not change the content, ownership, right of access, or existing identification of these entities.
This International Standard does not specify the technology used to represent the identifier or realize the link. It enables applications to
be built which use the interoperable ISLI system for the identification of links.
An ISLI service code shall be allocated to a service by the registration authority if an application meets the criteria that the registration authority shall publish.
An ISLI service code shall be allocated to one service and each service shall be allocated only one ISLI service code.
An ISLI service code shall be permanently allocated to a given service and shall never be altered, replaced, or reused, although it may be withdrawn from use for new assignments of ISLI codes.
Details on the allocation of ISLI service codes are contained in A.1.
An ISLI code shall be assigned by the registration authority on receipt of an application for a code to be associated with a particular service.
An ISLI code shall not be assigned unless the registrant wishes to designate that the relevant source and target are to be linked within the requested service.
Within a service, each ISLI code shall be assigned to only one link from a given source to a given target, and each such link shall be assigned only one ISLI code.
NOTE Provided two ISLI codes are assigned in different services, they can refer to the same sources and targets.BS ISO 17316 pdf download.

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