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BS ISO 17096:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 17096:2013 pdf free.Cranes – Safety – Load lifting attachments
Non-self-priming vacuum lifters shall be equipped with a pressure measuring device showing the working range and the fall range of the vacuum.
Self-priming vacuum liftrs shall be equipped with an indicator showing to the operator that the end of the working range is reached.
The measuring device or the indicator respectively shall be fully visible for the slinger or, where there is no slinger, for the operator of the crane in their normal working position.
Means shall be provided to prevent the risks due to vacuum losses. This shall be as follows:
a) In the case of vacuum lifters with a vacuum pump: A res erve vacuum with a non returm valve between the reserve vacuum and the pump, located as close as pos sible to the reserve vacuum.
b) In the case of vacuum lifters with Venturi-system: A pressure-reserve-tank or vacuum-reserve-tank with a non return valve between the reserve vacuum and the Venturi system, located as close as possible to the reserve vacuum.
c) In the case of turbine vacuum lifters: A supporting battery or an additional flywheel-mass.
d) In the case of self-priming vacuum lifters: A reserve-stroke at least equal to 5 % of the total stroke of the piston.
NOTE Vacuum losses can occur for example, due to leaks, or in the case of non self-priming vacuum liters, due to a power failure.
There shall be a device to warm automatically that the fall range is reached, when vacuum losses cannot be compensated. The warmning signal shall be optical or acous tic, depending upon the circumstances of use for the vacuum lifter, and in accordance with ISO 11429, ISO 1 1428 and ISO 7731. The warning device shall work even when there is a power failure of the vacuum lifter.
NOTE The warning device is not the pressure measuring device of or the indicator of ISO 17096 pdf download.

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