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BS ISO 16945:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 16945:2014 pdf free.Corrugating medium一Determination of the edge crush resistance after laboratory fluting
In order to optimize the matching of pairs of rolls, pairs of rolls should be selected in which the differences in dimensions between the two are substantially less than the tolerances shown. Prior to first use, the rolls should be run at the operating temperature for about 6 h with a mild abrasive on the teeth. The two rolls should then be marked in some way so that, after removal for cleaning or maintenance, they can be reassembled with exactly the same teeth in mesh.
NOTE 1 It is recommended to have a guiding device to help feed the test piece perpendicular to the corrugating nip.
NOTE 2 The fluter is identical to that used for ISO 7263[2].
NOTE 3 In some fluters, a full roll is not used.
If the test is to be carried out immediately after fluting, the total time between discharge of the fluted test piece from the fluting rolls and the initial application of the crushing force shall be 20s to 25 s.
NOTE In a round robin performed in 2012, it was shown that the minimum time required for mounting the test piece and initiating the crushing force is 20s to 25 s.
If the test is to be carried out after reconditioning, the test pieces shall be reconditioned for 30 min to 35 min in the conditioning atmosphere used to condition the samples (see Clause 7). If the test is carried out on reconditioned samples, all of the test pieces can be formed prior to testing.
Start the motor and heat the corrugating rolls (see 5.2) to 175°C±8 °C.Feed a test piece into the fluter (5.2) with its longer side perpendicular to the nip.
Mount the corrugated test piece in the holder (5.3) and place the holder in the centre of the lower plate of the compression tester. Start the tester and read, to the nearest 1 N, the maximum force sustained by the test piece.
Perform the crush tests either immediately (see 9.2) or after reconditioning (see 9.3). Repeat the procedure for the remaining test pieces until a total of at least 10 results have been obtained.BS ISO 16945 pdf download.

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