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BS ISO 16855:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 16855:2013 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Loose gear of lifing appliances on ships
“C” type hooks shall be so designed as to prevent the risk of the hook from catching on the ship’s structure or other obstruction when hoisting by means of a hook shelter. Hooks for special purposes, such as for lifting freight containers, shall comply with the appropriate recognized International Standards.
Swivel shall be provided between the hook and short link chain or other item for lifting cargo, and capable of rotating freely and preventing from getting loose.
It is recommended that heavy load such as bob weight or short link chain be attached to the hook, such that disorder of reeling rope will not occur when the winch is working in no load condition.
The shackle pin end shall be screwed and provided with devices to prevent from getting loose.
Shackles used for attaching the lifting gear (such as hooks, bob weight, or short link chains for lifing cargo, etc.) shall be provided with countersunk pins.
The thickness of triangle plates connecting short link chains and cargo runners shall be appropriate to the associated shackle so as to minimize the clearance between them.
The construction of rigging screws shall be capable of preventing their end fittings from turning.
The end fittings of the rigging screw shall be forged in one piece. The rigging screws of hook type end fittings shall not be used in the lifting appliance system.
Chains used as span chain or as part of preventer guy shall be of studless long link chains.Preventer guy with patent clip shall be fitted with stop device; the distance between the device and the end clip shall be as short as practical and, in general, not greater than one pitch of the clips.
The items of loose gear, such as eyes, links, shanks, straps and hooks, etc., that have a wastage over 10 % of their original dimensions and a wastage of pins over 6 % of their original dimensions, or cracks or permanent deformation, and any breakage or cracks on the sheaves, shall be replaced or repaired immediately.
Welding shall not be used to lengthen, alter, or repair chains, hooks, links, shackles, or swivels.
Every item of loose gear shall be proof-tested. The proof load applied to each item of loose gear shall be as the requirements given in Table 2 and associated notes. Proof load shall be applied to each item with a testing machine or test weight for a duration of not less than 5 min.BS ISO 16855 pdf download.

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