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BS ISO 16343:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 16343:2013 pdf free.Energy performance of buildings
When the procedure for building energy certification is set up according to this International Standard,information on the choices done shall be documented according to the format provided in Annex B.
The national party or other responsible body setting up a procedure for building energy certification may state that its procedures are in accordance to this International Standard if the documentation according to Annex B has been completed and the completed Annex B is published as national or equivalent annex to this International Standard.
NOTE The purpose of the national annex is to achieve transparency on the differences in (national or regional) procedures for building energy certification.
The fllwing shall be included in a procedure for building energy certification.
a) BUILDING FUNCTIONS: Description of the function or functions of the building or part of the building to which the procedure applies. The main functions of buildings considered are: single family houses, apartment blocks, offices, education buildings, hospitals, hotels and restaurants,sport facilities, wholesale and retail trade service buildings, and other types.
b) APPLICATION: Specification of the cases where the procedure for building energy certification applies:
一for sale, rent, new building design or after construction, display in a public building, etc;
一for checking compliance with minimum energy performance requirements or not.
c) TYPE OF RATING: Specification of the type of rating or ratings used, as specified in 5.4, for each application [calculated (design, standard, or tailored) and/or measured; compliance check or not] and for which building function(s) it applies. In case of design rating, this includes under what conditions the design rating can be considered as or converted to a calculated energy rating for the actually realized building. In case of measured energy rating, this includes specification of which information on the actual conditions in the building is to be recorded (if any) and whether or not corrections shall be made to correct for deviating periods, weather, and/or indoor conditions.
d) OVERALL NUMERICAL INDICATOR: Specification of what the overall numerical indicator represents, as specified in 6.1, and specifically, which energy services are included and if renewable energy produced on site is part of delivered energy or not.
e) NORMALIZATION: Specification of how the overall numerical indicator is normalized, as specified in 6.4.BS ISO 16343 pdf download.

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