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BS ISO 15364:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 15364:2016 pdf free.Ships and marine technology一Pressure/vacuum valves for cargo tanks
Type tests shall be conducted by a laboratory acceptable to a third party inspection body. The laboratory should be qualified to conduct the tests provided for by this International Standard, and that the laboratory has (or has access to) the apparatus, facilities, personnel and calibrated instruments necessary for the tests. Alternatively, the tests provided for by this International Standard may be conducted by the manufacturer when the tests are witnessed by a third party inspection body who can certify that the tests are conducted in accordance with this International Standard.
One of each model device and each size shall be tested in accordance with Clauses 7,8 and 9. Achange of material or coating system that negatively affects the corrosion resistance shall be considered a change of model for the purpose of this paragraph. A change of design or construction shall be considered a change of model for the purpose of this paragraph. Each size of each model should be submitted for type testing. Devices should have the same dimensions and most unfavourable clearances expected in the production model. If a device is modified during the test programme, or at a later date, such that the functions of the valve or its performance characteristics are affected, the third party inspection body shall be informed. An appropriate test related to the modified part may be required by the third party inspection body.
A corrosion test shall be conducted. In this test, a complete device shall be exposed to a 5 % sodium chloride solution spray at a temperature of 25 °C (77 °F) for a period of 240 h, and allowed to dry for 48 h. Following this exposure, all movable parts shall operate properly and there shall be no corrosion deposits that cannot be washed off.
The capacity of pressure and/or vacuum valves shall be established by flow testing at least one production model of every type and size of venting device under the conditions listed in 8.2 to 8.4.Where a pressure or vacuum valve is used with a flame arrester, the capacity of the overall assembly will be different than the capacity of a standalone valve. The capacity test may be conducted on the combined assembly or may be done separately.BS ISO 15364 pdf free.

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