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BS ISO 14785:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 14785:2014 pdf free.Tourist information offices – Tourist information and reception services
Information shall be accurate and regularly updated. The TIO shall consider only tourist providers meeting appropriate legal and regulatory requirements.
Information shall be available on a broad range of topics.
NOTE The topics can include accommodation, travel agencies, eating out, transport, cycle routes, shopping, local products and crafts, walks, cultural activities, holidays, heritage and sports activities and outdoor pursuits, banks, currency exchange, tax free conditions, chambers of commerce, local customs, religion and places of worship, libraries, medical services, police and post offices, real estate agencies, local and regional attractions, and weather forecasts.
The TIO shall have general and specific information about the destination and about tourist attractions, with the necessary details for the visit: location, description, features, conditions and opening hours.
The TIO shall have details of the day, time, place of performance and content for events and activities carried out at the destination (recreational, cultural, sporting or leisure).
Information shall take account of the interests of children and the needs of people with disabilities.
The TIO shall give information to visitors about health, safety and good practices to help them to enjoy the area.
For safety reasons, and in order to avoid risks to visitors, the TIO shall provide appropriate information about drinking water, high and low tides, the presence of poisonous plants, other local dangers that might be encountered, etc.
The TIO should provide a website and or other electronic support with such information.
The TIO shall give information to facilitate the visitors’ choice (see Annex A).
The TIO should also provide tourism information at national level or indicate how to obtain it.
If commercial leaflets and brochures are displayed, they shall be separated from the TIO information.
If the TIO has unmanned information service points, they should provide the same items.
There shall be an indication of materials which shall be paid for as well as indication of the price.
The TIO shall give written information, either printing it on demand or making it possible to take notes.
The TIO should offer information in several forms, trying to avoid unnecessary printing (see Annex B).BS ISO 14785 pdf download.

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