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BS ISO 1413:2016 pdf free

BS ISO 1413:2016 pdf free.Horology一Shock-resistant wrist watches
changes in the display information and in the watch functions which are temporarily present after the test
Note 1 to entry: The consumer has the ability, without professional assistance, to reset or readjust the changes onto initial values or conditions. Displacements can be reset manually to the initial position or initial value by the consumer using the time or calendar setting mechanism.
Note 2 to entry: Although adjustable failures are classified as less critical, certain limits of adjustable failures of the display or of the watch function shall be considered.
EXAMPLE Displaced minute hand due to a sliding cannon pinion and displaced calendar disk due to a sliding jumper spring.
Quartz watches shall function for at least 2 h before starting the test; after this period, the rate shall be checked in position CH or FH using an apparatus for measuring the instantaneous rate.
一 Mechanism for the drive of calendar or other watch display items shall be set in a non-engaged, non-armed position.
一Chronograph display items shall be set in the reset (zero) position.
一LCD segments or any other electronic display item shall be checked and should all be functional.
一The time setting and (if applicable) the calendar setting function shall work correctly, without gear disengagement or abnormal rotating friction.
一The stop function of the watch movement (if applicable) shall work correctly.
一All functions of push buttons or sliding switches, e.g. Start – Stop – Reset of chronographs; On – Off function for buzzer, lighting or any other function present, shall work correctly.
一Functional elements providing any mechanical, vibrating, acoustic, or any other signals shall be functional.
一Screw-down crowns or push buttons (if applicable) shall be set to the screwed-down position, as in normal use. Other crowns shall be set in the normal use position.
Watches labelled water-resistant shall comply with ISO 22810, where water resistance must remain intact after the shock exposures on watch heads.BS ISO 1413 pdf download.

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