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BS ISO 128-15:2013 pdf free

BS ISO 128-15:2013 pdf free.Technical product documentation (TPD)一General principles of presentation
The projection of the intersecting line (moulded line) between the moulded hull surface and the section and outline of moulded surface, side deck line, bulwark top line, etc. on three basic projection planes can be represented in moulded line projection such as hull moulded line drawing and frame moulded line drawing, etc.
Overlapping drawing method shall be used when drawing the members not in the same section on the same section. The outline of the section may only show one section, such as the typical transverse sectional view.
The outer shell-plate developed drawing is made by the unidirectional developing drawing method. The frame line is extended transversely by taking the keel line as the reference and by not extending the hull longitudinally.
Double is represented by a double outline plus a fine oblique line on the plan view. See Figure 7.
When the plan view is only of half a part and the location of the openings and the double on the drawing are not symmetrical, this shall be indicated by “only portside” or “only starboard”. See Figure 7.
The buttock line is named by the width from the centre line, for example “buttock 1000″and “buttock 2000”. See Figure 11.
The coding for the frame begins from 0 before after perpendicular (AP) (including AP) and moves forward from stern to bow. The frame after 0 shall be differentiated by a minus sign.
The frame number is indicated every five frames for drawing of the whole ship. If the frame spacing is different, the frame spacing shall be indicated in its frame area as shown on Figure 12. For hull block structure drawings, the frame shall be indicated by an even number. If there are fewer than four frames, all the frames shall be indicated, as shown in Figure 13.
The broadside stringer and the bulkhead horizontal girder are coded from top to bottom. When coding for the deck and bottom longitudinal girder is necessary, the centre line shall be taken as the reference and the coding shall be from the middle toward the broadside.
The liquid tank and cargo hold are coded from bow to stern sequentially. If these are separated by a longitudinal bulkhead, the code shall be followed by the Latin letter P for portside, C for centre or S for starboard. For example, N.01 P indicates the first cargo hold portside.BS ISO 128-15 pdf download.

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