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BS ISO 12482:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 12482:2014 pdf free.Cranes一Monitoring for crane design working period
The crane owner should keep records of the crane use, adequate to identify the criteria specified by the crane manufacturer and applicable to carry out the assessments described in this standard. Records should also be kept of maintenance, inspections, repairs, modifications and exceptional occurrences, e.g. overloads, extreme climatic conditions and collisions. Records should be updated at least once a year during periodic inspections, see ISO 9927-1.
Methods for counting duty
Estimation of the duty history can be divided into the following categories, based on systematic and reliable data collection and documentation procedures.
a) Crane operation data are recorded by a special, purpose-built system, which always operates automatically when the crane is in use. The crane operator does not have a possibility to switch off the recording system.
b) The crane is provided with counters recording the crane operation data. The user collects and documents the operation data manually from the counters.
c) The crane duty history is calculated based upon a regular process in which the crane is working. The crane is an integral part of the process. Process data are documented.
d) The crane duty history is estimated based upon a general production data of the site where the crane is working.
e) The crane duty history is incomplete.
f) The crane duty history is unknown (e.g. in the case of a second-hand crane). The duty for DWP calculation is based on estimate or assumed to be according to design classification and design life reduced using the factor f1 from Table 1, item 5.
The basic Information for counting the crane use is in all cases provided by the crane owner/user.
Where recording instruments or counters are installed, the user should regularly inspect the instruments to ensure that they are properly functioning.BS ISO 12482 pdf download.


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