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BS ISO 11136:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 11136:2014 pdf free.Sensory analysis一Methodology
For efficiency in recruiting, it is also possible to assemble an access panel in the form of a file of consumer descriptions. Prior to each test and subsequent to specifying the target group, a pre-selection can be made based on criteria recorded in the file.
A consumer description may include consumer data such as the following:
一identity details of the person concerned, contact data;
一age, gender;
一marital status, household composition;
一social situation, profession, income;
一possible health problems (e.g. on allergies, diabetes, vision impairments, etc.) relevant to the products to be tested;
一other information relevant to the products to be tested (e.g. eating or drinking habits, religious prohibitions, lifestyle, household equipment);
一information on the person’s availability for participation in tests;
一information on previous participation(s) in consumer tests.
Every consumer description shall be updated at regular intervals.
Such a database allows an efficient dialogue between the commissioning party and the service provider insofar as it enables the latter to ensure, a priori, that the initial desires of the commissioning party regarding target consumers can be satisfied.
Frequency of employing the consumers
In comparison to task-specific recruitment, there is a greater risk of “consumer professionalizing” when recruiting from an existing pool of consumers.
It is important to avoid a training effect for the individual consumer in relation to the product group concerned. Therefore, the same consumers shall not be employed too often. As guidance, an interval of at least three months between individual tests on the same product is recommended.
The laboratory shall keep records of each consumer’s frequency of participation in tests involving each product and each product family. The participation history of the consumers shall be included in the study report, possibly including information about the product families involved if requested by the commissioning party.BS ISO 11136 pdf download.

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