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BS ISO 11077:2014 pdf free

BS ISO 11077:2014 pdf free.Aircraft ground equipment一De-icers 一Functional requirements
The de-icer shall provide an aerial device including a supporting boom, to which shall be attached either an enclosed operator’s cabin fitted with windshield wipers and a defroster/heater system, or (see Note in the Introduction) an open operator’s basket entirely surrounded by full guard-rails up to a height of at least 1,1 m (43 in) over its floor. Cabin or basket shall be rated for a minimum of two persons (minimum load capacity of 204 kg/450 lb), to provide for operators training and possible visual de-icing control by a separate qualified person. Where these objectives are not retained, a cabin or basket intended for a single person shall be rated for a minimum load capacity of 160 kg (350 1b).
The operator’s cabin or basket and its supporting boom shall be designed to position an operator to effectively apply de-icing/ anti-icing fluid to the upper areas of aircraft control surfaces, wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, and fuselage. Consideration shall be given to the height of these surfaces on aircraft types intended to be serviced while designing or selecting any de-icer type.
The operator’s cabin or basket shall have a self-adjusting mechanism to maintain a vertical operating attitude for all boom positions.
The operator’s cabin or basket shall allow safe access from the ground in the stowed position, and provide for safe and easy entry and exit. The cabin door or basket gate shall not fold or open outwards,and shall be constructed to either be automatically self-closing and latching, or boom movements,including lifting from the stowed position, be prohibited unless the cabin door or basket gate is closed
and fully latched. Where this is ensured by interlocking, the corresponding safety device shall ensure a performance level“c” in accordance with ISO 13849-1.
The cabin’s inner operator envelope shall take into account the likeliness of operators wearing heavy winter clothing, boots, and gloves. The cabin, unless fitted with seats with safety belts for all occupants, or basket shall be fitted with harness anchorage points for personal protective equipment (PPE) harness(es). If provided, operator seat(s) shall be ftted with automotive type 3 points inertia reel safety belts.BS ISO 11077 pdf free download.

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