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BS ISO 10833:2017 pdf free

BS ISO 10833:2017 pdf free.Textile floor coverings – Determination of resistance to damage at cut edges using the modified Vettermann drum test
Make a cut in the centre of the test specimens in the direction of manufacture according to the installation guidelines of the carpet manufacturer. If no guidelines are available, the cut shall be made straight between two loop or tuft columns. For flat woven carpets, the ground warp shall not be damaged. The cut shall be made with a sharp knife cutting from the pile side through pile and backing.
One edge may be cut totally. At the other edge, the cut shall stop 20 mm before the specimen ends.
Connect the two sides of the cut test specimens on the back with single-sided adhesive tape of 50 mm width. Apply the adhesive tape firmly. Ensure that the two edges are as close as possible.
If necessary, attach double adhesive along the entire specimen length and positioned over the single-sided adhesive tape.
Cover both ends of the test specimens with a 50 mm wide single-sided adhesive tape to prevent fraying during the test.
If necessary, remove frayed and sprouting parts of damaged tufts with a sharp cutting tool.
If in practice the edges are sealed with glue, the cut edges of the specimens may likewise be sealed with glue.
Prepare four test specimens of each floor covering as shown in Figure 3, two to test the original tile cut edges in the direction of manufacture (pieces A and B) and two in the transverse direction (pieces C and D).
Make up four composite test specimens with the original cut edge in the centre.
Position the edges in the centre of the specimen as close to each other as possible and fix in position by the single-sided adhesive tape.
If necessary, remove the protective layer from the double adhesive tape on the back of the test specimen. Fix the four specimens firmly on the inside of the drum with the use surface towards the centre of the drum.
In placing the specimens, ensure that the sides lie within the retaining segments. Insert the test specimens between the retaining segments and clamp firmly.BS ISO 10833 pdf download.

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