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BS ISO 10494:2018 pdf free

BS ISO 10494:2018 pdf free.Turbines and turbine sets一Measurement of emitted airborne noise
In the case of the continuous enveloping measurement surface being bounded by either the turbine operating floor or the turbine foundation floor, a large contribution from the noise of ancillary and auxiliary plant located below the turbine operating floor can be expected at the microphone measuring positions. In this case, the use of this document for the determination of sound power levels is not valid.
When openings in the floor are suitably blocked during the test with appropriate panels (upper side of panels should have same reflective characteristics as the turbine operating floor), valid measurements are permitted. In the case of turbine sets mounted on, or partially submerged in, the foundation floor,which can also be defined as the turbine operating floor, a valid measure of the turbine set noise emission can be obtained by use of this document.
The noise sources for gas turbines and gas turbine sets are different than the noise sources for steam turbines and steam turbine sets. Measurements that are specific to gas turbines and gas turbine sets shall be conducted in accordance with Annex B. Measurements that are specific to steam turbines and steam turbine sets shall be conducted in accordance with Annex C.
Normally, measurements are performed on site, at the completely mounted turbine set fitted with all insulations and lagging.The test shall be performed under steady-state operating conditions of the turbine or the turbine set with the rated values of power, speed, temperatures, pressures, etC., as agreed to by the parties involved. If not otherwise specified, base load operation shall be applied. Relevant operating conditions and atmospheric conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, snow, frost) shall be recorded in the test report.
The relevant reference surface is composed of several separate reference boxes placed in juxtaposition so that they enclose only the different parts of the turbine set, including its lagging and any noise control screen and enclosures. The surface terminates on the reflecting plane. When defining the dimensions of these reference boxes, elements protruding from the source which are not significant radiators of sound energy may be disregarded. These protruding elements should be identified for different types of equipment.BS ISO 10494 pdf download.

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