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BS EN ISO 9151:2016 pdf free

BS EN ISO 9151:2016 pdf free.Protective clothing against heat and flame一Determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame
A flat topped Meker burner with a perforated top area of (38±2) mm diameter and a jet suitable for propane gas shall be used. (See Annex B for possible sources.) Commercial grade propane of 95 % minimum purity shall be used with the flow being controlled by a fine control valve and flow meter. Alternatively, other gases may be used but such use shall be reported as part of the test report.
Copper disc calorimeter and mounting block Copper disc calorimeter, consisting of a disc of copper of minimum 99 % purity, having a diameter of (40±0,05) mm and thickness 1,6 mm, and a mass of (18±0,05) g. The disc shall be weighed before drilling and assembly.
The calorimeter shall be constructed as indicated in Figure 1 (method A) or Figure 2 (method B).Insulated copper-constantan thermocouple wire in accordance with IEC 60584-1 and IEC 60584-3,diameter 0,254 mm±002 mm shall be used. The constantan wire shall be either inserted into predrilled hole in the centre of the calorimeter and soldered in place with a minimum of solder (method A) or shall be soldered to the back face of the calorimeter as shown in Figure 2 (method B). The copper wire shall be attached in the same manner, 15 mm to 18 mm from the centre, so as not to interfere with the seating of disc in the mounting block.
A circular cavity is machined in the centre of the block to accommodate the disc and an air gap as shown in Figure 3. The disc is held in position using small stainless steel pins (0,45 mm diameter or less) which protrude through the back of the insulating block with sufficient length that they can be used to secure the disc (method A – Figure 4). The mounting pins shall be stainless steel, soft soldered to the calorimeter using the minimum quantity of solder necessary. If method B of mounting the calorimeter is chosen the calorimeter shall be attached to the mounting block with a suitable high temperature adhesive.
The face of the copper disc shall be flush with the surface of the mounting block. It shall also be coated with a thin layer of an optically black paint having a coefficient of absorption, a, greater than 0,9 (see Annex B).BS EN ISO 9151 pdf free.

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