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BS EN ISO 8653:2014 pdf free

BS EN ISO 8653:2014 pdf free.Jewellery – Ring-sizes – Definition, measurement and designation
The present International standard specifies a method to measure the ring-size using a ring stick with defined characteristics, and specifies the designation of the ring-size.
2.Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
2.1 ring-size
circumference of the bigger cylinder that could be insert in the ring
3 Apparatus
The ring-size is measured using a metric ring stick having the following characteristics:
a) Length of the measurement scale : 160±0,5 mm
b) Diameter and tolerances for each ring size according to the table 1
c) Minimum ring size: 41
d) Maximum ring size: 76
e) Material: metal, or material with equivalent wear resistance
Ring stick characteristics shall be regularly checked, for example, with a finger gauge set that satisfies dimensions given in table 1 .
4.1 Method
The ring to measure is slid down the ring stick without any external strength. The point of measure
corresponds to the contact point of the ring on the ring stick, which depends on the inside profile of the ring or,for some cases, on the particularity of the ring shape.
4.2 Ring inside profile
Two kinds of profiles are distinguished:
– The rounded inside profile where the contact point is located in the middle of the ring’s thickness according to the figure 1;
The flat inside profile where the contact point is located at the bottom of the ring thickness and the measure is read under the ring (under the contact point) according to the figure 2.
4.3 Particular shapes of rings
Some rings have particular shapes and couldn’t be categorized in the profiles defined in 4.2. Some particular positions of these rings on the ring stick are then specified, for the most common cases. A measure method of the corresponding ring-size is also defined.
4.3.1 Ring with mounting, signet-ring
The ring mounting or the flat part of the signet-ring shall be put on the flat surface of the ring stick. The measurement is done according to the method specified in 4.2. It depends on the inside profile of the ring.BS EN ISO 8653 pdf free download.

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