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BS EN ISO 8503-5:2014 pdf free

BS EN ISO 8503-5:2014 pdf free.Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products
The replica film in replica tape consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfoam coated onto a polyester substrate of highly uniform thickness (50 μm±2 μm). When compressed against a hard surface, the microfoam collapses and acquires an impression of the surface. The thickness of the replica is a measure of the surface profile.
NOTE 1 When the replica film is coated with a thin (80 nm) layer of a ductile and optically reflective metal,such as indium, the replicated surface can be studied with an optical interferometric profiler. When the film is coated with a similarly thin layer of a ductile and electron-emissive metal, such as gold, platinum or palladium,the replica may be studied with an electron microscope.
NOTE 2 This method measures an “average maximum peak-to-valley profile” because the anvils of the micrometer gauge flatten the replica profile slightly so that the reading equates to an average maximum value,though this is not the same as a mathematical average.
The measuring gauge, while rugged, should be treated with the usual level of care associated with a precision instrument.
The gauge shall be calibrated regularly by the equipment manufacturer, their authorized agent, or by an accredited calibration laboratory. A Certificate ofCalibration showing traceability to a National Metrology Institute can be issued. There is no standard time interval for re-calibration, nor is one absolutely required, but a calibration interval can be established based on experience and the work environment.
A one-year calibration interval is a typical frequency suggested by many gauge manufacturers.Gauge accuracy shall then be checked by the operator at regular intervals using appropriate standards in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If the results fall outside the limits of accuracy specified by the manufacturer, the instrument shall not be used.
Prepare the micrometer gauge by cleaning the anvils and adjusting the zero point to read -50.8 μm, the thickness of the non-compressible polyester substrate. This initial adjustment automatically subtracts the thickness of the substrate from all subsequent readings. Some digital micrometers automatically perform this initial adjustment.BS EN ISO 8503-5 pdf free download.

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