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BS EN ISO 6892-2:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 6892-2:2018 pdf free.Metallic materials – Tensile testing
When the gauge length is less than 50 mm, one temperature sensor shall measure the temperature at each end of the parallel length directly. When the gauge length is equal to or greater than 50 mm, a third temperature sensor shall measure near the centre of the parallel length.
This number may be reduced if the general arrangement of the furnace and the test piece is such that,from experience, it is known that the variation in temperature of the test piece does not exceed the permitted deviation specified in 9.3.1. However, at least one sensor shall be measuring the test piece temperature directly.
Temperature sensor junctions shall make good thermal contact with the surface of the test piece and be suitably screened from direct radiation from the furnace wall.
The temperature- measuring system shall have a resolution equal to or better than 1 °C and an accuracy of ±0,004 T°C or ±2 °C, whichever is greater.
NOTE The temperature- measuring system includes all components of the measuring chain (sensor, cables,indicating device and reference junction).
All components of the temperature-measuring system shall be verified and calibrated over the working range at intervals not exceeding 1 year. Errors shall be recorded on the verification report.
The components of the temperature-measuring system shall be verified by methods traceable to the international unit (SI unit) of temperature.
The force – measuring system shall be set to zero after the testing equipment has been assembled but before the test piece is actually placed in the gripping jaws. Once the force zero point has been set, the force- measuring system may not be changed in any way during the test.
NOTE The use of this method ensures that the weight of the gripping system is compensated in the force measurement and that any force resulting from the clamping operation does not affect the force zero point.BS EN ISO 6892-2 pdf download.

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