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BS EN ISO 5832-3:2016 pdf free

BS EN ISO 5832-3:2016 pdf free.Implants for surgery一Metallic materials
The microstructure, when examined as indicated in Table 3, shall be alpha + beta globular and shall correspond to photomicrographs A1 to A9 in ISO 20160 for round bars or 3T1 to 3T13 in EN 3114-003 for sheet and plates (annealed condition each).
NOTE For information on the Mechanical Properties Harmonization between IS0 and ASTM wrought titanium 6-aluminium 4-vanadium Implant Material Standards, see Annex B.
Should any of the test pieces not meet the specified requirements, or should they break outside the gauge limits, two further test pieces representative of the same batch shall be tested in the same manner. The alloy shall be deemed to comply only if both additional test pieces meet the specified requirements.
In this annex, two different standards are referenced showing microstructures of typical alpha+beta titanium alloy Ti 6AI 4V intended for the use of identification and classification of the microstructure of a given material. ISO 20160 is presenting microstructures in the transverse section at×200 magnification. ISO 20160 applies to round bars up to a nominal diameter of 100 mm. It was replacing
ETTC 2 Edition 2.
Microstructures of flat rolled products, like sheet or plates, cannot be rated according to ETTC 2.For this type of product, another microstructural catalogue was made available. ETTC 4 Edition 2 is showing microstructures in the transverse section at ×100 and ×500 magnification. Product sizes of this catalogue were limited to a range of thicknesses above 5 mm and below 30 mm. The same microstructures are shown in EN 3114-003 but with different designations. Table A.1 shows the correlation of the designations of the micrographs between ETTC 4 Edition 2 and EN 3114-003.
ETTC4 Edition 2 is showing acceptable microstructures in the range of P1 to P36 for Standard Aerospace Quality (STQ). For medical application, the range of acceptable microstructures is intentionally limited to P1 (3T1) to P13 (3T13) at ×100 magnification showing globular structures.
ETTC 4 Edition 2 is considering only plates, i.e. products over or equal 5 mm in thickness. It is recommended here to use the microstructural pictures also for sizes equal to or below 5 mm.BS EN ISO 5832-3 pdf download.

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