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BS EN ISO 5089:2016 pdf free.Textiles一Preparation of laboratory test samples and test specimens for chemical testing
BS EN ISO 5089 specifies methods of obtaining laboratory test samples of textile materials from laboratory bulk samples taken from a bulk source, and gives general directions for the preparation of test specimens of convenient size for chemical tests.
No provision for sampling from the bulk source is described since it is assumed that the laboratory bulk sample has been selected by a suitable procedure and is representative of the bulk source.bulk source : That quantity of material which is to be judged on the basis of one series of test results. This may comprise, for example, all the material in one delivery of cloth; all the cloth woven from a particular beam; a consignment of yarn; a bale or a group of bales of raw fibre.
laboratory bulk sample : That portion of the bulk source taken to be representative of the whole. The size and nature of the laboratory bulk sample should be sufficient to overcome adequately the variability of the bulk source and to facilitate ease of handling in the laboratory.
Withdraw the appropriate continuous lengths from each package either by winding skeins of the same number of turns on a wrap reel1), or by some other means. Unite the lengths side by side either as a single skein or asa tow to form the laboratory test sample, ensuring that there are equal lengths from each package in the skein or tow. Pre-treat the laboratory test sample if required by a suitable method and ensure that the ends of any sample in the form of tow are securely tied before treatment.
Take specimens of the appropriate mass from the laboratory test sample by cutting a bunch of threads of equal length from the skein or tow and comprising all the threads in it, ensuring that test specimens are taken from a place remote from the tie bands.
Take the laboratory test sample by cutting a length from the end of the warp, not less than 20 cm long and comprising all the yarns in the warp except the selvedge varns, which are rejected. Tie the bunch of threads together near one end. If the sample is too large for any required pretreatment divide it into two or more portions, each tied together for pretreatment, and reunite the portions after the pretreatment of each separately.BS EN ISO 5089 pdf download.


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