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BS EN ISO 4531:2018 pdf free

BS EN ISO 4531:2018 pdf free.Vitreous and porcelain enamels – Release from enamelled articles in contact with food
The method described in this document provides a process to obtain a test solution simulating the release of metals into the food under worst-case conditions. The concentration of the metals within this solution (μg/1) correspond to the concentration that would be equivalent in 1 kg of cooked food. All data are based on the model of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), whereby a standard human of 60 kg body weight consumes 1 kg of food per day. Therefore, the limits in ug/d or μg/kg are similar. As the specific gravity of the test solution is also close to one, the resulting concentration in μg/l corresponds to the searched value of ug/kg or ug/d.
NOTE The derivation of toxicologically justified limits related to metal intake has not been undertaken in the preparation of this document.
In the absence of published legal limits, the limits laid down in this document correspond to limits published by the Council of Europe in Resolution CM/Res(2013)9 on metals and alloys used in food contact materials and articles[1]. It is noted that this document only uses the limits from Resolution CM/Res(2013)9 and not the test method protocols. The test method protocols identified in this document are relevant and applicable for vitreous and porcelain enamel.
As Resolution CM/Res(2013)9 and the correspondent technical guide work do not cover the field on vitreous and porcelain enamels, an exception had to be made for two elements: lithium and cobalt. The elements beryllium, mercury and thallium are not detected in vitreous and porcelain enamels.Therefore, no observation is needed.
The release limits given in this document can change when new knowledge regarding risk assessment on human health related to metal intake is available or in the event that legal limits become available.BS EN ISO 4531 pdf download.

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