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BS EN ISO 3493:2014 pdf free

BS EN ISO 3493:2014 pdf free.Vanilla一Vocabulary
BS EN ISO 3493 defines the most commonly used terms relating to vanilla.
It is applicable to the following species of vanilla plants:
a) Vanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames, syn. Vanilla planifolia Andrews, commercially known under various names associated with the geographical origin, such as Bourbon, Indonesia and Mexico;
b) Vanilla tahitensis J.W. Moore;
c) certain forms obtained from seeds, possibly hybrids, of Vanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames.
It is not applicable to Vanilla pompona Schiede (Antilles vanilla).
NOTE 1 The name “Bourbon” covers the production of Vanilla fragrans (Salisbury) Ames of Comoros, Reunion, Madagascar and Mauritius.
NOTE2 The main other producing countries are (in alphabetical order) China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Uganda.
fruit from the vanilla plant that has reached the correct stage of ripeness
cured vanilla prepared vanilla
green vanilla (2.1.1) that has undergone a suitable treatment with a view to developing its flavour
Note 1 to entry: The cured vanilla is dark brown in colour.
Terms relating to presentation and commercial forms of prepared vanilla
pod whole fruit (which is botanically a capsule) of the vanilla plant
commercial name designating whole pods (2.2.1) which may be split
vanilla that is partially opened longitudinally from the stud (2.3.2) due to dehiscence
part of pods (2.2.1), split or not, and deliberately cut or broken
vanilla which is more or less dehydrated and has partially lost its suppleness
vanilla-bearing crystals of naturally exuded vanillin
scar fold of brownish colour due to the application on the pod (2.2.1) of a special punch
localized blemish causing a colour or lustre different from the normal appearance
fine longitudinal lines of reddish-brown colour
highly desiccated rigid and brittle vanilla, showing reddish filaments which are often not uniform
prominent scar of colour different from that of the pod (2.2.1) itself, except for the mark (2.4.4)
vanilla with flattened scars, from various causes, classified commercially as warts (2.4.8).BS EN ISO 3493 pdf downlaod.

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